2. Library Verification

After installing the intelino-trainlib package, you should verify that everything installed successfully. First, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your machine. Then power on your intelino smart train and run the intelino.scan utility:

$ python3 -m intelino.scan

If the Python environment works correcly, it should detect your train and you will see the following information printed in the terminal:

Trains (1):
xxxxxxxxxxxx : intelino J-1 (RSSI -XX)

Others (x):

If your train doesn’t show up in the list and there aren’t any error meassages, double-ckeck that Bluetooth is enabled and that your train isn’t already connected to your machine or another device.


You do not need to pair/connect your train to your computer via Bluetooth Settings. That would make it invisible to the Python library. So, if you’re having connection issues, open Bluetooth Settings on your computer and, if you see ‘intelino J-1’ on the list of connected devices, remove it from that list.